Holmes Hotel in Uptown Westerville

The Holmes Hotel in the morning

The Holmes Hotel at the corner of State and Main in Uptown Westerville is one of the most recognizable buildings of the original 1868 business district. Its distinctive restored copper cupola and round bay windows highlight the restored architecture.

Now home to a variety of businesses including the owner’s guns store, a coffee shop, an artists gallery and workshop, a pharmacy, and a photographer, among others, the red brick building anchors one corner of tidy intersection that points to Uptown’s historic past, its current status as a small-town community, and its future as a hub for business, family, industry, and technology.

Prints of this iconic image of Uptown Westerville will be available when The Gardiner Gallery opens its door on November 29, 2013, at 20 South State Street in Java Central.

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Prints, both large format and smaller prints, will be available in The Gardiner Gallery at Java Central.

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